Tyler Krueger

Local Brands

Vitae Apparel

Vitae Apparel was the very first brand I was ever partnered with. In May of 2018, I was asked to come on board as an ambassador. The company was developed by Selene Dior who is an extremely accomplished entrepreneur for her age. She attended UBC’s forestry program but decided that it was in her best interest to follow her dreams and create a swimwear brand. Since Selene was 21, she’s devoted all her time to designing both swim and active wear for the company.

Vitae, unlike any other company has been one of my favourites to work with as I get to meet so many young girls like myself who are trying to break into the industry. I’ve never met such a large amount of women who bring each other up and support each other. The company takes pride in celebrating the unique beauty found in everyone.


This summer I was contacted by SANDFLAIR, which is Canadian swimwear company that ships out of Toronto. I was asked to partner with the company as an ambassador to promote their products as well as spreading awareness for World Vision. Part of the proceeds of every purchase helps the children of the future.

I haven’t done too much work with the company as I try to keep most of my partnerships more local to build strong ties between myself and the creators.

Strawberry Milk Mob

Strawberry Milk Mob is a local swimwear brand developed by three sisters. The brand was launched in March of this year, but didn’t fully take off until the summer. They specialize in swimwear but have launched several designer inspired sets featuring, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fila, Moschino & Fendi. Recently, they have been promoting their new fitness collection called, “gymberries.”

The brand is absolutely adorable and their products are both affordable and made with high quality materials.

Foreign Familia

Foreign Familia was created by a group of guys who wanted to develop their own record label and merchandise brand. I don’t know the entire team, but I met one of the head photographers/producers through a friend I went to high school with. When I first moved to Vancouver in 2017, Michael Fernandez contacted me to shoot for the first time in the city. When we met, I probably had until 500 followers on Instagram and I was just dipping my toes into the creative industry. Since then, Michael and I have grown separately and didn’t meet up until my 20th birthday when we shot Foreign Familia which is the clothing brand he’s partnered with. It’s amazing to see that even after the years have passed, the two of us are still staying true to our craft.

Michael has also shot several music videos for a Japanese rapper from Texas who plays on the SFU football team who goes by the name of NyuKyung.


778co was created by my good friend Arjay Neyra. The brand was created to inspire people to tell their different stories. Each “episode” (which is Arjay’s unique way to announce the drop of a new print) is exclusive and only available for a certain amount of time before the next episode comes out.

Since the day I met Arjay, he’s pushed me to keep creating no matter what other people thought and reminded me to always believe in myself. I’ve been so incredibly lucky to have not only met Arjay but to be apart of the launch for Episode 1 and Episode 2.

Lovella Bikini

Lovella Bikini is the most recent swimwear brand I’ve worked with. The brand was created by Maii Jun who is a Vancouver local. She created this brand to “empower bossbabes to slay” promoting all body types to wear whatever they want, whenever they want.

Shop V.P

My very first blog post was about working with Shop V.P which is a clothing brand created by two young girls who live in Burnaby. The company is named after the two designers last names, Andrea Villaroman & Gabriella Pham. The girls use the tagline, “NOT YOUR AVERAGE” to promote their unique line and diverse set of models.

Through this company, I’ve met so many lovely girls and guys in the industry. When I went to the first shoot, I couldn’t fathom how many people came out to support the brand and how many networks had linked them all together to make it all happen. Both Andrea and Gab reminded me that no matter how young you are or how crazy your dreams can be, you don’t have to wait to make them happen.

Since their first launch on September 30th, they’ve launched an extremely successful Halloween collection that dropped on the 31st. I’m hoping to continue working with the girls as they grow their brand!

Mocharski Films

One of my most-worked with photographers created a brand to support his successful creative career. Isaac Mocharski focuses not only on photography but stunning videography. I’ve had the pleasure working with Isaac for several promotional videos for 20one Events, as well as a music video we shot for a local rapper in August.

Mocharski Films leans more to the side of a merchandise line that is tailored to those both in front and behind the camera.

call the girls co.

The most recent brand I’ve had the pleasure of working with is, call the girls co. They sell re-worked vintage clothing items through both their Facebook and Instagram page. All their items are completely unique as they have meticulously searched piece by piece to add to their ever-growing collection. The brand also prides itself on their sustainability practices by renewing and recycling loved of clothing.

I was first introduced to this brand by Nicolas Scott, who I met through the 20one Events team. He works closely with the team, taking photos at their biggest events.