Tyler Krueger


July 12, 20

I’m going to address the elephant in the room before you do- yes I was having a bad skin day. Anyways, I know its been a few weeks since I’ve posted a YT video but I can promise that I have a lot of interesting content coming in the near future! I’ve just moved back to the city, so be sure to look for city kru content to make a come back! In the meantime, happy self care Sunday! I hope you guys are taking care of yourselves, and if you’re not then you should really consider making slime in your tub.

July 2, 20

This week I was asked to be apart of a bikini collab with Poolside Playlist on Youtube! I’m extremely happy with the way our collaboration came together, and if you’re looking for some options to sport at the beach this season (with a mask of course), then you should definitely check out this video!

June 16, 20

This might be my favourite video I’ve ever filmed! My bestie and me (more like her), decided that we were going to take a spontaneous road trip to the neighbouring town, which was about 90 minutes away. Before you ask, yes I can drive but no I’ve never once in the last four years driven with proper streetlights. If you’re down for Starbucks, a lot of yelling, some crying and a whole lot of spit then I think you should come on a roadie with us sometime.

June 8, 20

Man I was doing SO well with my weekly uploads until now. I shot this video in April, but it was actually filmed three times over on three different occasions. I was going to scrap the material from this take since part of my right under boob made an appearance but honestly the content was pretty funny so I decided to keep it! This week is all about Tiktok! If you’re interested in hearing more about my experience with the app and our love-hate relationship, check out my latest post! Happy dancing!

May 11, 20

This week my bestie and I decided to adventure onto her roof! I’m generally not someone who’s scared of heights but climbing up that roof had the saliva in my mouth nearly pouring out. TMI I know, just watch the vid!

April 29, 20

I initially intended this video to be for my vlog channel, but I thought it was better served on my main channel! I’ve received a handful of heartwarming comments and DMs about my YouTube channel and it means the world to me to hear your opinions from you guys! So, on a sea cruise adventure on Vancouver Island I take you guys along for the ride and talk about how I got myself started on YouTube!

April 21, 20

Since my time being back at home on Vancouver Island, I decided to clean up my childhood room! To my surprise, I found a list I had made in 2015 called, ‘Summer 2k15 Bucket List‘ and I decided to make a video reacting to the list. The list was quite lengthy with a total of 95 items to check off, and because I hadn’t completed the list in 2015, I decided that I needed to make this a new series on my channel where I live through my fifteen-year-old self’s summer hopes and dreams!

So I formally invite you to join me on, Kru’s Summer Fun Series!

Also, I want to note that I won’t be completing anything that puts myself or anyone else at risk. Please stay healthy & keep creating!

April 13, 20

So this week’s video is a little more serious than the rest, but I felt that it was time for me to address the unique situation around us. I made this video in hopes to help or inspire anyone who felt that COVID-19 had negatively impacted their social life. I really wanted to show that although this situation compromises our everyday lifestyles, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of 2020. As a creative, I feel like it’s in my best interest to try and use my skills to better others, and you can too!

Please stay healthy, happy and creative!

April 5, 20

Uploading videos seem to be getting harder and harder for me to do for some reason. Since you guys have already seen my kitchen in Campus Chef, I decided to take you on a tour of my dorm room! I planned to film this video at the beginning of the school year but found myself doing it about a week before I moved out. Since then, I’ve temporarily moved back home to Vancouver Island so you can expect a lot more videos with a new backdrop!

March 12, 20

It been a hot minute & I apologize for not being consistent with my uploads! Unfortunately, I’m super behind in editing but luckily I have a pretty funny video here to make up for it!

A couple of weeks ago (more like months), I went to Dollhouse Studio to get my eyebrows done by Hanna. Unlike traditional microblading, I got a procedure done called, “Powder Ombré.” Essentially, it’s a semi-permanent face tattoo that is considered to be more natural looking than microblading as the shading creates a light to dark effect. Since I was incredibly nervous, I decided to film the entire process. I hope this makes up for my absence!

February 17, 20

Kicking off my new series on my channel called, “Send it Sunday” is my Ice Skating video! The series features me trying new activities that I’ve either tried before and thought I was good at (but actually really wasn’t), and activities that I haven’t tried before. I hadn’t been on the ice in over 12 years, but took and completed all my skating levels as a kid. This week, I try and see if I can skate as well as my 7 year old self did!

February 10, 20

In light of Valentine’s Day coming up, I decided to film a special for campus chef! We went with an entire pink theme to go along with the holiday! As always, campus chef does things with a twist, so as “love is blind” so was I!

February 2, 20

A couple of weeks ago, Isaac Mocharski and I went out to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park in Chinatown to shoot some photos in promotion of the upcoming lunar new year! As I’m a mix of both Chinese and German, it was really important to me to join in on the festivities as it’s something I celebrate with my grandparents every year. This year I was lucky enough to take you guys along with me!

January 27, 20

On this episode of campus chef I was joined by a very special (and first) guest on my channel! Nene and I decided to do a cooking challenge where we both pick a recipe for each other but don’t actually give each other the recipe. So basically, we both set up the ingredients and materials we would need to create these recipes and we both had to figure out what we were cooking.

January 19, 20

Hi friends! So last week, Isaac Mocharski and I decided to do a little snow angel shoot and made it apart of the, “shoot with me series!” Despite it being insanely cold outside, we always risk it all for the content.

January 13, 20

Happy New Year! I decided to start 2020 off with a mood board! I was inspired to do this by another Youtuber named, Amber Scholl. Much like traditional new year resolutions, a mood board is comprised of a bunch of photos that depict goals you wish to achieve either in the new year, or in the next few years! By starting off with this video, I hope to look back in a years time and watch how far I’ve come.

December 25, 19

Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome to another episode of campus chef! For this episode I thought it would be a super festive idea to build a gingerbread house without a recipe! I personally don’t recommend my recipe if you plan on eating your gingerbread afterwards. Wishing you a happy holidays from my kitchen to yours!

November 6, 19

I created this video for a class last fall. We were instructed to create a one minute video profile of ourselves, which proved to be harder than I thought. The professor told us, “you can’t hide in this class.” In a similar way, you can’t hide online and this was the first piece I created that I was honestly proud of. The video follows my creative journey from a small town dreamer to working in the creative industry in the city. I’ve made this the first Youtube video that newcomers see when they visit my channel as it describes who I am as a creative.

October 22, 19

A few weeks after I produced my first video I got straight to work on my second one! I decided to start doing a series on my channel called, “shoot with me” which takes viewers along my creative journey. Not only do they get a complete behind the scenes of what I do on the creative front, but they also get to see what it’s like working with other featured creators around Metro Vancouver. Much like the, ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ memes, my series showcases the stories and concepts behind the photos we take.

Featured in this video is Arjay Neyra who is an aspiring content creator. In this episode, we shot for Arjay’s clothing line called, 778co. He developed his line in three weeks time, calling each unique print an “EPISODE.” Each episode is available for only a select period of time with no restocks promoting the design and the community rather than consumer culture.

October 5, 19

Unfortunately due to my many inexcusable excuses, I wasn’t able to produce these videos on time for Canadian Thanksgiving. However, I’m a firm believer that it’s always better late than never (the videos came out three days before Christmas Day). This was the largest production I worked on to date, and to think that someone who quite literally has the capabilities to burn water pulled off a complete Thanksgiving dinner was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Not only that, but to share it with my closest friends and have a digital memory of it all just makes me want to continue doing what I do forever.

October 5, 19

Today was the day Isaac and me came together to shoot our 9 hour day in the kitchen. I decided to break up our Thanksgiving content into three different parts instead of having one long video. When we first planned the video, we thought we should have 2 pumpkin pies, 2 yam marshmallow bakes and 1 caramel cheesecake (upon Isaac’s request). Despite pulling through, we had more desserts on the table than guests could eat! I began knocking on doors around the residence and sharing Thanksgiving from our family to theirs.

October 4, 19

About a month ago, I sat down with photographer/videographer friend Isaac Mocharski and decided to tag-team a video. I’ve never cooked Thanksgiving dinner before (or many dinners), and I thought that cooking a dinner that I’d never cooked before for 12 people in a campus kitchen would be a splendid idea. Mind you, the hardest part was actually just picking up all the ingredients and staying on task.

September 16, 19

After a lot of humming and hawing, I officially launched my Youtube channel last fall. Despite this not being the very first video I’d ever created, I finally felt ready to put myself online with the help of Gary Mo. Gary has always supported my creative decisions and was one of the four digital creators that pushed me to pursuing my dreams.

July 9, 19

In the summer, I was contacted by personal trainer Hank Wang who not only runs his own sessions, but seeks out individuals who have struggled during this fitness journeys. Hank created a page called, ‘Together we Inspire’ to share these inspiring stories in the way which the participants choose. Since fitness was something that helped me start an online profile in the beginning, I was absolutely thrilled to get real with his audience and tell my story my way.