Tyler Krueger


Hi I’m Tyler! I was born in 1999 in Tofino, BC. I currently live in Vancouver, BC.

Being born in a small town on the edge of the west coast has allowed me to grow up in a small, loving community where I’ve lived a very low-key lifestyle. A night out generally starts with dinner and ends with a beach fire. The sun doesn’t shine very frequently where I’m from so even just a small shred of sunlight can make my day. Although Tofino has been a lovely home for me for the majority of my life, I knew that I wanted more from life than the joys of a little sunshine.

I had always wanted to live in the city ever since I was a little kid. I have family in Vancouver so I visited often when I was younger and I had always dreamed about living a luxurious lifestyle on the mainland. After I graduated high school I knew that it was the next step for myself. In 2017 I began studying Communications at Simon Fraser University. Just three years into my studies so many different doors have opened for me which have granted me many opportunities within the community.

I’ve always had a passion to create, specifically videos and audio bits. Taking back-to-back full schedules in university hasn’t allowed for much of my time to be spent on that aspect of my creative life. However, through the lens of photography, much of my creative side has been able to flourish supporting local brands and working with local photographers. I don’t consider myself a model but I’ve been able to grow my own confidence and following by standing in front of a camera.