Tyler Krueger

20one Events

During a weekend visiting Vancouver Island in mid-July, I was contacted by 20one Events, which is an event company created by several SFU students. Since SFU has long been convicted of not being a “party school,” four boys came together and made it their goal to create affordable events that encouraged students to go out and make everlasting memories with their friends.

After my first meeting, I was completely onboard with their idea. I’m not much of a clubber, and prior to meeting the team I had only tapped into Vancouver’s night life once. Although I’m a student, I’ve never considered myself to be apart of the student culture around campus so I decided that it was in my best interest to work with the boys to encourage students like myself to also go out and take a break from their studies.

Since meeting the team, we’ve held numerous successful events at local club, Twelve West.

It’s a blessing to not only work with so many inspiring people, but work along side students that are so dedicated to their craft.

Legend of the Fall

The first clubbing event that the team held was a back to school party hosted on the 12th of September. The boys pulled handfuls of students to participate in the music video, not only as actors and dancers, but also as photographers and videographers. It was an unbelievable experience to not only shoot on campus, but to meet so many talented students whom I had never met before. We shot the music video at the end of July, and spent the leading time advertising the event as much as possible on all social platforms.

Legend of the Fall went off with a bang, with both party buses and limos showing up to the venue. It was insane to see the sheer amount of students who filled the club that night. For the first time, I felt immersed within student culture, surrounded people who were not only academics but content creators.

The videographer and photographer were both local Capilano University student’s, Isaac Mocharski and Nicolas Scott whom I’ve both had the pleasure working with on my own time.

20one Events – Legend of the Fall

To say the night went out with a bang is a complete understatement. After Legend of the Fall, 20one Events has been hosting weekly events for students at Twelve West every Thursday.

Although I don’t part-take every week, I have been lucky enough to work on some of their bigger monthly events.

Nightmare on Twelfth Street

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take part in the promotional music video for this event as I was visiting the Island but I focused on social media promotions leading up until the date. Nightmare on Twelfth Street was 20one Event’s second big ticket event at Twelve West. In celebration of Halloween, they managed to hold the event on the Friday before the holiday and packed out the entire venue! I had to leave early just because of the lack of breathing space.

20one Events – Nightmare on Twelfth Street