Week 4: Process Post

Week 4: Process Post

Hi, I’m Tyler Krueger. I was born in Tofino, BC and raised on the coast of Vancouver Island. I’m a third year Communications student pursuing a minor in Publishing at Simon Fraser University. I’m 20 years old, focusing primarily on finishing my degree by 2021 as well as working on my side hustle which happens to be creating content.

Since I was eight years old, I knew I wanted to be a content creator. It wasn’t until several years after I adjusted to living in Vancouver that I dipped my toes into the local creative industry. Living in a city with endless opportunities has allowed me as a creator to come out of my shell and create a brand for myself. I started modelling nearly two years ago just as a hobby, shooting with close friends, but now I shoot 2-4 times a week working with some of Vancouver’s most talented photographers and videographers. I started modelling without the intention of becoming a well-known freelance model in the city, but to get comfortable in front of a camera to pursue my dream career on YouTube. However, over the years, I’ve gotten quite accustomed to modelling, discovering my own style and personality that I share with my followers.

I started in the city as a quiet, small town kid dead focussed to finish their degree in four years, but as opportunities in the creative industry have come up, I’ve been completely swept off my feet working with local creatives, making friends and creating long lasting bonds. Not only am I the face of my brand, but I am completely and entirely my brand (so far). The way I create, dress, compose photos, create videos and present myself online and offline is completely unique to me. I believe that my professional self emerged as I started building my online presence, getting shaped by what I’ve learnt through my studies, and my own creative lens.

I believe that my professional self and my personal self are very closely related in the sense that they are both 100% authentically me. I am quite open and honest online though the way that I post whether it be through videos or text, however there are times on Instagram when I let the photo speak for itself which allows people to make certain judgements on who I am as a person. As I develop my brand further, I am getting more accustomed to learning how to storytell on Instagram as it’s a platform primarily to showcase your “best life.” I feel that what I post on my blog and on Youtube frame a better sense of who I am offline.

As I am the service being sold, in order to fully “sell myself” I’ve had to really dive deeper into who I am as a person and who I want others to view me as. By creating work that I believe in, I’ve always produced and posted content that showcases both my professional and personal selves. In a way, I am what I create.

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