two bowls of fried rice

two bowls of fried rice

This week I focused a lot more on the production of videos for my YouTube channel. As the weather is still humming and hawing about brightening up, I’ve decided to slightly slow down on modelling and work more on my videos as that’s really where my heart is.

Last week, I went into the Shell House (SFU’s Student Housing) kitchen to make some dinner for myself- which happened to be a simple fried rice dish. There was another resident cooking at the same stove and she too was making a fried rice dish! We got talking about our dishes and the ingredients we chose. It was quite interesting as we both come from completely different backgrounds. After we were done cooking she let me try her dish and I let her try mine. From that shared moment in time, over two bowls of fried rice, two broke university students decided that they were going to cook together and broadcast it to the world.

Fast forward to this week, after we did all the light planning around the video, we met up in the kitchen on Monday to get to work. We decided that we were going to have a “kitchen competition” where we both choose a different recipe for the other person and they had to cook it without instructions or measurements. So basically, I chose a recipe for Nene and she chose a recipe for me but we only set out the ingredients and materials needed to cook the dishes. We didn’t make any heavy rules to follow besides having the dish take less than 30 minutes to prepare as people tend to lose interest in videos after 10-15 minutes. However, we did implement one rule (that we didn’t follow very well)- three “switches.” So when someone yells “switch,” automatically both competitors have to drop what they’re doing and switch to the other competitors station. Before the video commenced, we thought we would try and switch every 2-3 minutes, but things got hectic quite fast so that never really went to plan but we were completely okay with that.

After we finished cooking, we tried each others dish. They might have not been completely what we had in mind, but the two of us gave it our very best goes. I don’t want to give too much away as I encourage you to watch the video below, but I think that it’s really important to remember that there is a big world out there filled with positive people in every corner, maybe even sitting in front of you as you read this. My point is that I love to do what I do, to put myself online everyday and have others laugh and smile as they watch is really a dream come true. To be able to have someone join me on my own creative journey was another milestone in my career as I got to share a part of my life with someone else.

I believe that I’ve always pushed myself to pursue my dream because when I’m making content I feel like the best possible version of myself, and by that I mean that I feel like I’m really just being myself. It’s crazy to think that a video was produced because two kids came together over two bowls of fried rice. But life is funny like that.

I’m extremely lucky to keep meeting wonderful creative people along my path that continue to inspire me and remind me that being myself is the best thing I can produce.

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