Designing the Self

Designing the Self

Last week I spoke about Arjay Neyra’s (@arjayneyra) local clothing brand 778co (@778co), that he launched in late August. Just yesterday, local brand Shop V.P (@shopv.p) dropped their first clothing line that I was extremely happy to be apart of, not only once but twice. This week, I was lucky enough to be asked by my good photographer friend Isaac Mocharski (@mocharski.films) to be apart of his new clothing brand that is launching soon. I absolutely love working with local brands and photographers because we are all learning from each other- models, photographers, videographers, designers, creatives alike.


Every brand is completely different from the next since each individual is creatively different in their own unique way. Specifically looking into Isaac’s brand, he has created a logo of a film camera with a small ‘MF’ on it to represent his brand name, ‘Mocharski Films.’ He wants to target creative individuals who are interested in both photography and videography. 

I find it completely astonishing that there are so many young individuals getting into the fashion industry just by getting together with like-minded individuals, creating and ideating their own designs. Each brand is completely unique as they have all been designed with different ideas in mind, symbolizing who these designers were in the past, present and who they will be in the future. Much like content, clothing brands evolve over time, they change with the seasons and they encompass change alongside these designers. The point I’m trying to make is that all of these brands have something in common despite all being designed by different people. 

We are all constantly changing, day by day we are exposed to new experiences and encounters that shape who are are. Although I’m not designing clothing, I have had to design myself within the creative industry. When it comes to creating content, you need to know who you are, your audience, and what you want to say. I personally like to stay as true to myself as possible, by telling my truths online whether my audience wishes to hear it or not. I never want to build a brand on someone who I’m not, the whole idea of having one’s own voice is to use it in your personal way of choice. After many years of advertisement lectures with Jody Baker, I have learnt that one cannot be profitable without knowing how to brand ‘the self’; reason being is that the self is completely and wholly unique, no other being in this world can be you. As cliche as that sounds, it’s true. Nobody thinks like you, nobody can design like you, and nobody can create like you. This reason alone, pushes me to keep creating every day as my work itself is unique, unconventional, and fully me.

Creating clothing brands and branding yourself are essentially the same, as far as understanding who you are in your work.

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