Creative Karma

Creative Karma

Now that the summer sun has begun to fade and the leaves have started to fall, we’ve entered the first week of school. I’d previously spent all of August bussing from location to location meeting with new photographers collaborating on new creative concepts. I’m very vague about what I do, but judging by the photos I post most people would say that I’m a “model.” At 4’11” I’m definitely not your average runway or bikini model however I do love to create content with others who enjoy doing the same.

To touch on this week’s process post, we were encouraged to speak with a stranger. It’s ironic because I nearly had an anxiety attack when I forced myself to speak with students around campus, but I am unfazed by the creative minds that lie online. You’d think that it would be a less daunting experience engaging in conversation with people your own age that attend the same school, however for myself I found it incredibly difficult to speak with the students around campus. I suppose I find it easier to speak to photographers I’ve only just met on location because we’re both there for the exact same reasons- to create. There’s no judgement, hierarchy, or clashing of ideas, such as which I’ve experienced with students. When I think about it that way, I suppose I’m not very integrated within student culture at all.

This week I shot with a brand new local clothing line called, Shop V.P. (@shopv.p). I met one of the designers through, Vitae Apparel (@vitaeapparel) which is another local brand that I’ve been working with for nearly two years now. Many of Vitae Apparel’s models came together to show their support to Shop V.P. I love how those in the creative industry come together and support local brands around the city. We are all in it for the same reasons, but we all help each other achieve our goals within the industry whether it be for exposure, collaborations or even just as friendly favours. 

I met up with the production crew by Cactus Club in Coal Harbour before my PUB 131 class. When shooting for brands, they generally take a lot of time (especially new brands) as they’re sorting out merchandise or dealing with behind the scenes issues with models or social media updates. Normally, you get changed, get shot and go home but this shoot took a completely different route. The photographer decided it would be a good idea to jump over a glass plane which divided a walk way and an enclosed grassy field. Now, when it comes to creative content anything flies- standing on the ledge of a building, trespassing, pissing off store clerks, we do it all. That’s what I love about creating, we bend every rule in the book in order to get exactly where we want to be. I do believe in karma and believe me, karma bit us all in the butts quite literally on this shoot.

I specifically asked the photographer (@illstakes) if there were any chances of us getting bitten by snakes and he answered my question with, “send it for shop v.p.” A classic remark from young creators, alas not even thirty seconds later I heard a loud crunch followed by a shriek from the other model. Someone stepped on a wasps nest that had gotten lost within the tall, thick grass and then a swarm of wasps surrounded the three of us. I bolted to the glass framing as my legs and torso got impaled by the stingers. I luckily had no reaction to the stings but the other model was rushed to the hospital. The photographer and design team were both extremely apologetic about the situation, but the way I see it is that there are always draw backs on creative outcomes as there are with meeting strangers. 

To create we risk it all, and in order to take a risk one has to rid themselves of any fear they have. Today was a painful reminder that even creativity has its boundaries. Although it can be equally scary to put yourself out there in a creative way or introducing yourself to a stranger on the street, they both take risks but something extremely beautiful can come out of a risk- whether it be photos or a new found friendship, you just have to be willing to take a chance on yourself and others.

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