Sample Posts

Facebook:  I would use Facebook to basically update that viewership on new content I’ve been working on. I believe that Facebook has turned into more of a rendezvous for content that has been posted on other platforms to be shared. In this post, I’ve given direct information about the date, place and photographer who was on this shoot with me. However, as you can tell, I’ve linked the photo I’ve posted directly back to my Instagram account as that is my preferred platform to post photos.

Instagram: As Instagram is an app that primarily promotes photography, I would post my photo with some short captions or song lyrics that’s meaningful to me. I let my photos primarily speak for themselves as my audience on here comes primarily to look at a stand-still visual.

Blog/Website: “A few days later, I worked with Isaac Mocharski (@mocharski.films) whom I’ve spoken about on many occasions on this blog. Currently, the weather man has graced us with bucket loads of snow, so Isaac and I decided that we were going to try and make-do with what we were given. From there, a “snow angel” shoot was born and before you ask, yes I was cold. But we had an unbelievably time running around Burnaby Mountain Park for twenty minutes trying to make this concept come to life and I’d say we did a pretty good job!”

Youtube: For Youtube, I take advantage of using my voice to explain the backstories behind my creative concepts. I have a series on my channel that is specifically devoted to showing my audience what happens behind the scenes on my shoots, called “shoot with me.” I believe that by showing people what happens to get the finished product, allows me to show them exactly the lengths me and other creatives will go to get our desired shots. This audience is more authentic.

The audience I speak to on my blog are those who are more interested in reading the story behind my creative concept.

Basically, Facebook explains the, ‘Who.’ Instagram explains the ‘What.’ My blog explains the ‘Why,’ and my Youtube channel explains the ‘How’ behind my creative concepts.

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