Peer Review #1

Hi Marylou!

Just going by a first glance at your site, I was completely blown away! Your site is completely and fully authentically you- from your homepage, to your about section, to your beautiful content.

Quite obviously, music is your passion and you’ve made sure your domain reflects that. The cover photo you’ve chosen gives your audience a statement piece to look at as soon as they click on your site. Despite your URL being your first and last name, one glance at your site can tell your audience exactly what you do and what you’re passionate about. 

The way you speak in your writing is very wholesome, as you realize your own growth on Youtube and online platforms. I absolutely love the part in your about section that mentions how you’re not only passionate about music, but you’re a full-time student working on finishing your degree. This shows your determination as a student, as well as your ability to hustle. I believe that by adding that part to your blog may inspire others who may also be passionate about music, to put themselves out there despite being full-time students. 

I believe that your site reflected a well articulated “professional self” as your homepage jumps straight into your content (Youtube) and your achievements. By using visuals, you are able to conduct your audience to the places you wish them to go, which looks more like your social media accounts. The brand you present- which is yourself as an artist is presented clearly. You have a great aesthetic, using dark and warm tones across your blog giving your audience a warm and cozy feeling. This feeling is also associated when watching your Youtube videos. By filming your covers on your stairs, you invite your audience to “come into your home” and listen to you play. Instead of filming in a studio space or heavily decorated area, you’ve kept it simple. By doing this, you’ve focused more on the quality of your content, spending more time connecting with your audience.

I took a look at the comment section on your social accounts and you keep a very active presence answering your fans/followers. By creating what Kelly describes as a ‘direct relationship’ with your fans, you are gaining their support (2008). When talking to your fans, you are creating this special bond between you and them as well as exposing your authentic self. Not only does it help your fans grow with you, but it opens a door for you to gain more support down the road and expand your brand. Although you don’t treat your fans like customers, you give them the four things they want- ‘to be seen, be heard, be acknowledged, and be appreciated’ (Kessler, 2017). Lastly, to touch on Wilkinson’s piece on, ‘Slack’s Secret Sauce,’ you have your own secret sauce which I believe comes from your wholesome personality, inviting those into your home to enjoy popular songs sung your way. Not only is it a unique experience, but it builds a sense of belonging in your community.

Your blog and your content has left me fully inspired. Your blog is a great place for you to direct traffic back to your main content (Youtube & Instagram). The only suggestion I have for your site is to add to your “Contact” page on the upper right hand corner of your menu. Although most of your primary audience is watching you on Youtube and Instagram, by having a contact sheet to fill out on your blog could be useful for brands and those in the music industry to contact you or even for fans to give you song suggestions. Other than that, I am delighted to have gotten to review your blog!

Keep inspiring!


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