Breaking Free

I’ve never been a spontaneous person, I need to map my life out to the minute or else I become an immediate stress case. With nearly every aspect of my life there is an arm’s length list that accompanies it, but not recently. I’m completely going to contradict myself by the end of this entry, so stay tuned. 


This week I shot with Isaac (@mocharski.films) who is a very close friend, and amazing photographer that I’ve worked with on many occasions. He and I rarely ever have a plan- we text, we meet, we vibe, we shoot. When I first started in the industry, it was always encouraged to have a well thought out concept before the photographer and model link up to ensure maximum efficiency on a shoot. It wasn’t until mid-way through the summer when I started to break free from these creative concepts. I personally feel more creative and in my element when I show up on location and examine the scenery. Normally a photographer will send me a photo of what location we’re working with, colour pallet and ideas for poses but I find that extremely boring. Every time I’ve shown up on shoots like that we get the specific shots the photographer wants to fit their concept, and then they let me do as I please and I’ve found that I’ve had a higher success when I got to do my own thing.

Normally my shoots are planned at least a week in advance but Isaac and I wanted to try this approach of just showing up, breaking out the lenses and getting to work. We didn’t have a concept, just a location and outfit idea. We ended up going to a secluded construction lot that was surrounded by a bushy forest. Since the season is in the midst of switching, we were going for a fall/autumn vibe or as I like to call, “hot girl fall.” Isaac voiced that he specifically wanted to shoot with fog, and I wanted to be completely drenched, so we ended up going to Starbucks and grabbing two venti sized cups full of water for him to throw at me. 


We started shooting full body shots, and then we used leaves and different kinds of foliage around the location. For me, my creative gears start moving when I’m looking around and getting a feel for my surroundings. There was a large wheel loader nearby that I climbed on and then proceeded to hang off of with a tire wrench in my hand, which Isaac found in his car. It’s not everyday you hop onto a massive machine for photos, so I did a walk around to see what exactly we were working with and I ended up laying down inside the claw. Issac and I shot for a solid hour before I started to get the chills. As we were getting into his car, I realized that there was more I could do. Isaac and I are firm believers that no idea is crazy, if anything, the ideas are never crazy enough. 

He reattached his lens and I started playing with the muddied ground to make the shots look as authentic as possible. Those are the shots that define you, the shots that raise the bar, the shots that push the boundaries- those are the shots that can’t be conceptualized. They’re natural, unique, free of constraint and completely creative. Even though I’m not a spontaneous person in everyday life, the creative side of me continues to flourish in the heat of the moment.

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